optical controllers

Teilch’s compact DM controller for the Kilo DM is capable of delivering 16bit resolution over 220V and with dynamic range of 1kHz. System is directly integrated with the Zif Socket, eliminating the need for cables and providing a direct mechanical connection from the bench mount to the DM.

Teilch Kilo DM

  • The controller has a volume of 90mm (w) x 90mm (l) x 54.6mm (h), w/o mirror and socket.
  • It only requires a 12V power supply and consumes 6W.
  • USB interface for data
  • 1024 square DM and 960 round DM remapping built-in
  • Space qualified compliant design

Technical Specifications







High Voltage Outputs
Active Channels 1020+25aux
Resolution 16 Bit
HV Output Current 2.4 μA
HV Capacitive Load 10 100 pF
HV Resistive Load 100 400
Zero-Code Voltage 0.8 2.5 V
Full Scale Voltage 215 220 V
Integral Non-Linearity -0.07 +0.07 % of FSR
Differential Non-Linearity ±1 LSB
Voltage Temperature Coefficient 1 5 mV/C
AC Crosstalk 1.5 μV-s
DC Crosstalk -80 dB
Noise 1 2 LSB 10%-90% FSR
Drift ±20 mV
Power Supply
Supply Voltage 9 12 16 V
Supply Current 500 800 mA 1,500mA at Startup
Power 6 10 W

Graphical User Interface

High-Voltage Output Response

10V Increments - 1ms/div, 10V/div

10V Increments

10V Step - 0.1ms/div, 3V/div

10V Step

50V Step - 0.2ms/div, 10V/div

50V Step

100mV Step - 0.1ms/div, 100mV/div


100mV Pulses - 1ms/div, 100mV/div

100mV Pulses