Particle Analyzers

  • Sensitivity range: 200nm to 10um 
  • Unlimited number of size channels
  • Size each particle accurately
  • Embedded pulse height analyzer
  • Real time Class + PM2.5/10 +AQI
  • Count specific particle sizes 

Teilch Particle Analyzers have proven significant advantages when compared to competitors’ solutions. Innovations in light source, flow control, analog and digital signal processing, components integration and software allow Teilch to provide a state of the art system for precision particle analysis.

By acquiring full and continuous particle size spectrum Teilch turns the concept of channels obsolete. This is achieved by utilizing a single stage of analog conditioning and digitalization, allowing classification of  particles by software rather than by hardware, which improves reliability and accuracy and provides true particle size profiles.


Teilch Pro 203


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Some of our advantages over competition

  • Not bounded by channels. Full continuous particle size spectrum
  • High power variable light source allows unprecedented range of 0.2um to 10um
  • State of the art analog and digital signal processing
  • Advanced particle analysis directly at device
  • PM2.5 and PM 10 display
  • Differential pressure (1 Pa resolution) display
  • Embedded flow meter (1% FS)
  • 0.1 CFM flow with internal pump
  • External humidity and temperature sensors for ambient measurements

Does your Particle Counter show the real environment? Are you really ISO compliant? Limited size channels hide vital information.


Need to monitor a single size or set beeps for filter testing? Uncluttered display, but saving full data in background for reporting.


Record size data for each and every single particle that enters the sensor for post analysis in Excel, Matlab or any numerical software package.


Embedded Pulse-Height Analyzer for advanced environment analysis.


Display all common sizes on a single screen.


Display Particulate Matter as per EPA Standards for PM2.5 and PM10.


Single size reporting for advanced particle tracing. User may set any size window with 10nm resolution.


Easy and intuitive configuration. All common units and standards are built-in.


Specifications TCH Lite 103Buy Now
TCH Pro 202 Buy Now
TCH Pro 203Buy Now
Mains uses Air quality and filter monitoring in household, office, industrial and healthcare environments Cleanroom certification. Air quality and filter monitoring in household, office, industrial and healthcare environments
Particle size range 0.2μm (50%) to 10μm, continuous
Size channels Unlimited number of channels. Capture size information for each and every single particle
Supported standard ISO 21501-4 (Instrument), US FED STD 209E and ISO 14644-1 (Cleanroom Classification)
Sensor High sensitivity, ultra-low noise and fully compensated
Flow 0.04cfm 0.1cfm with internal flow meter (1% FS) and active flow control
Light Source High power, >10,000hr laser diode with active control. Full temperature compensation and stabilization.
Pressure 115kPa max, 5Pa noise-free resolution 115kPa max, 1Pa noise-free resolution
Humidity 5% to 95%, +-2% – External ambient sensor 5% to 95%, +-2% – Internal flow sensor 5% to 95%, +-2% – External ambient sensor
Temperature 0-50C, +-0.1C – External ambient sensor 0-50C, +-0.1C – Internal flow sensor 0-50C, +-0.1C – External ambient sensor
Display 3.5″ Color LCD
Operating Method Touchscreen and single button
Battery Li-Ion, 9hr continuous counting, 15hr intermittent counting User-replaceable Li-Ion, 5 hr continuous counting, 10hr intermittent counting
Storage 64Mb Internal External SD Card 64Mb Internal & External SD Card

USB (removable disk)

USB (removable disk), SD card USB (removable disk), SD card
Dimensions 74(W)x100(H)x30(D)mm 82(W)x137(H)x42(D)mm 82(W)x137(H)x42(D)mm


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